Natalia Sudova is a dedicated curator and researcher who delves deeply into diverse realms such as languages, dialects, and the discrimination rooted in linguistic affiliations. Her investigations also encompass the complex interplay between biodiversity and its political influence. Natalia's investigative method involves a multifaceted approach—conducting insightful interviews, scrutinizing official documents, actively engaging in pertinent events and forums, and embarking on exploratory journeys. She has an acute ability to pinpoint profound moments, highlighting them in her various projects

The art has always been a big part of Sudova's life. Although she professionally connected her life with the art only in 2014 when she started work for Framing Workshop «Room 34» (RU, Moscow) which is engaged in framing and preparing artworks for exhibitions, the largest museums and galleries in Russia. After that, in 2016 she founded Boogie Gallery. Throughout its life the Gallery participated in several Art Fairs in Miami and Dubai, took part in VI Moscow International Biennale for Young Art and organized the big number of individual and group shows. Boogie Gallery existed until 2019.

After moving to the Netherlands, Sudova changed her course to non-commercial projects, as this is more in line with her internal needs. Currently, she pays more attention to her curatorial practice.

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